Faraja provides meals to children and families challenged by food scarcity and poverty.

When Faraja Founder, Millicent Garama witnessed vulnerable children in her community suffering from malnutrition she was inspired to start the feeding program.

Every Saturday the center is filled with excited children, aged four to 14, many of them orphans or from unstable homes. They are given a hearty, nutritious meal of rice and beans, and enjoy playing, singing and dancing, listening to stories and learning practical health and life skills.  

This weekly event provides simple fun, stability and sanctuary in their troubled lives and allows Millicent and her team of helpers to monitor the specific needs of each child and their families and provide additional resources when they are struggling.

Mama Catherine, who prepares the meals every week, with the Faraja children 

Mama Catherine, who prepares the meals every week, with the Faraja children 


Faraja trains women, men and youth in skills such as sewing, cooking, growing vegetables, sports and starting income-generating micro-businesses.

Sewing Hope

The sewing project employs women to creating beautiful African-print fabric bags for sale and reusable cloth sanitary pads for adolescent girls.  This provides women the opportunity to gain skills, as well as generate income for their families.  


We aim to grow a community vegetable garden to supply produce to the kitchen and teach our community the art of gardening and experience the joy of watching vegetables grow!


Training in Health and Human Rights Through Partnership

Faraja partners with the US charity, For the Good Period (4TGP) to provide reusable sanitary pads to adolescent girls living in remote villages throughout the region.

By providing pads for girls to manage their monthly menstruation, allows them to overcome shame and embarrassment and continue to attend school during their periods.

For the Good Period also sponsors Millicent to provides vital health education to communities by travelling on rough roads to remote villages to teach men, women, youth and children about germ transmission and the importance of hand washing, good sanitation, oral hygiene, malaria-prevention and HIV-AIDS protection, sex education and reproductive health.

Millicent is currently mentoring and training four young people as community health facilitators.


The Faraja Community Centre is constantly expanding and drawing in local people to talk and share their problems and challenges. Pastor Garama and other qualified counsellors provide emotional support and guidance to all ages.

Future Expansion of Outreach Through Additional Partnerships

Faraja plans to expand its important work in taking information about health, human rights and stopping harmful practices to villages over the coming years as we partner with dynamic programs dedicated to empowering people living in under-resourced, remote communities.

Pastor Garama counselling at the Faraja Community Centre

Pastor Garama counselling at the Faraja Community Centre