Paul is the first born of seven children. He started attending the Faraja Centre every Saturday from the age of 10. Unfortunately, at the age of 15, Paul’s family experienced problems.  It was then that Paul dropped out of school and took on the responsibility of caring for his younger brothers and sisters.

Faraja immediately took action. The centre was able to connect him to a long-time supporter of Faraja, who arranged for Paul to be sponsored by a University in the US to attend a local boarding school.

On completing high school, Paul went on to qualify in carpentry at the Polytechnic School.  Now, at the age of 22, he works as a cabinetmaker.

Paul still attends Faraja to help care for the children - reading stories, playing games and feeding the toddlers. Reminiscing on days of old, he remembers Mr and Mrs Garama encouraging him when he was feeling down, as well as facilitating much fun and friendship.


Teresa is just 12 years old, but she is poised and mature with big ambitions to become a surgeon. “When people are sick, doctors help them to get well, the way they helped me when I was sick,” she says.

Teresa has been attending the Faraja Centre since she was seven, when her mother Katherine, was struggling to care for five daughters.  Her mother was given a job by Millicent at Faraja to cook the children’s meals of rice and beans every week.

Today, Teresa thrives on schoolwork and enjoys reading extra books loaned to her by Mama Garama.  She loves playing and making friends at Faraja.

Teresa is determined to get an education so she can grow up to help people when they are sick.

The Faraja Centre is working hard to find educational support for bright, aspiring girls like Teresa. If you are interested in supporting Teresa and girls like her, please contact Millicent at


Dorcas, aged 15, cries when she talks about her mother, who died last year at the young age of 32. They were close, and Dorcas misses her mum. Her father died 10 years ago so the pretty teenager was left without parents.

"I had no somebody to love me," she says sadly.

At five years old, Dorcas starting attending the Faraja Centre.  When Millicent learned about her mother’s illness and the family’s needs she started delivering food to their house. 

When Millicent learned of her mother’s death, she intervened and tracked her down and placed her with a kind auntie.  Additionally, the Faraja Centre found funding for Dorcas to attend a Polytechnic School. 

Today, Dorcas is doing a Dressmaking course and has a dream to start her own business one day so she can support herself, her brother and sister.